With family

You are most welcome to visit with the family!

For summer 2020 the "Please, touch!" -activities have been taken down because of the COVID-19 precautions. But we believe there are lots of other things to see and experience at the museum, eg. our navigation simulator.

Rauma Maritime Museum’s new navigation simulator, JENNY II, was introduced in July 2019. Due to technical issues, the museum’s original simulator, a 1930s cargo ship JENNY, could no longer be used after the summer of 2018. The new simulator JENNY II is now located in the nautical school room on the first floor.

The nautical school room is a suitable place for the navigation simulator, as JENNY II represents modern, state-of-the-art, simulator training and has the technical features of a fully functioning maritime training tool. Significant amount of the current global ship officer training is done with ship bridge simulators. Please take into consideration that during the busiest summer days, the simulator usage might require queuing. Use of the navigation simulator is included in the entrance fee.

Rauma Maritime Museum’s very own summertime café, Kahvilaituri, is open for museum visitors during the summer period, from June to August. Kahvilaituri has a selection of juice boxes, bottled spring water and mineral water, and individually wrapped biscuits and ice cream bars.

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