The first floor of Rauma Maritime Museum holds the permanent exhibition, the temporary exhibition, the museum shop and the navigation simulator JENNY II. The showcases between the first and second floor display mini-exhibitions regarding interesting people or themes. The tower on the second floor has its own space for smaller exhibitions and art. 

Current museum exhibitions:

Permanent exhibition: The city of Rauma might not exist without the sea and the waterfront. The cultural maritime heritage of the region is presented in the Maritime Museum. The permanent exhibition displays not only the ships, stories and atmosphere of the sailing ship era, but also the lifestyle of seamen during that time. The former Nautical College building is the perfect place to tell about the history of maritime training in Rauma. Local shipbuilding, which has a history reaching back for at least five centuries, is also one of the themes present in the museum. 

The Raumanmeri exhibition was opened in December 2021. It focuses attention to sustainable use and protection of seas. Local action is the first step toward a greater change. The Bothnian Sea so familiar to us in Rauma is part of a large whole. The most common debris in waterways is plastic. The exhibition also tells the history of good and bad plastic.


The thematic exhibition, which celebrates maritime nostalgia, offers a diverse collection of examples that have been used to build and maintain the image of Rauma's maritime character – and its uniqueness. In addition to familiar themes, the exhibition offers fresh views of the maritime Rauma. On display is a love letter from the "land lugger" to the Bothnian Sea and a map of the favourite places of young people in Rauma on the Bothnian Sea or its shores. The exhibition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Rauma Maritime Museum. The exhibition ends on the 20th of December 2025.

TOWER: Proosaa luonnosta. Prose from the nature.

Reika Takebayashi

Kei Yamamoto

The artists from Kyoto are currently in residence through the RaumArs artist-in-residence programme. The works in the exhibition were made during the residency period and they are lightly intertwined, discussing a common topic. Visual artist Kei Yamamoto studies the interrelationships between natural phenomena in a multidisciplinary manner. With his exhibition works, he gives shape to these invisible relationships and refers to Rauma's global connections. 

In her paintings, Reika Takebayashi reconstructs natural phenomena using repetitive imagery and simple signs such as points, lines, colours and occasionally different materials. Her interest begins with the surface of things. Looking closer and deeper, she interprets nature's own language. The exhibition will be on display at Rauma Maritime Museum 4.-25.5.2024.

The Guide Compass is a mobile guide that is accessible with your own smartphone, tablet or other device that you can use to connect to the internet via the visitor network in the Maritime Museum.

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From the 1st of June 2024

TOWER: Illuusio, Semper Augustus

Katariina Mannio

The exhibition explores everyday useful plants, the origin of which, despite their mundaneness, has remained unclear to many. The stories of familiar and forgotten trading plants are intertwined with colonial times, the origins of international trade and sea routes. The large oil painting woodcuts depict plant blooms juxtaposed with the ornamentation found in the visual culture of the country of origin. The exhibition will be on display 1.6 - 31.8.2024.