Opening Hours

Opening Hours in 2020

June 1st - August 9th
every day 11-17
Closed: June 19th-21st

August 10th - August 31st
Tue-Fri 12-16, Sat 11-17

September 1st - December 31st
on Saturdays 11-17

The Museum On Call on Wednesday nights at Rauma Maritime Museum

June 10th 16-19
July 8th 16-19
August 12th 16-19
September 9th 16-19
October 14th 16-19
November 11th 16-19
December 9th 16-19

The admission fee for the Museum On Call -nights is "pay what you can".

Kid's Saturday

Fun activities for the whole family
November 28th

See the complete list of events here.

If you wish to visit the museum outside the opening hours, please contact us or

pre-buy your visit online