Guided museum tour

A guided tour introduces the Maritime Museum and the current exhibitions in a thorough and comprehensive way. Themes of the Maritime Museum include deep sea sailing vessels' period in Rauma, seamen as an occupational group and in addition maritime education in Rauma. 


A guided tour can be booked throughout the year, however the tour must be booked at least one week in advance.The duration of a tour is 45 to 60 minutes.


during workdays from 9am to 5pm

70 €, which does not include the entrance free

during other hours

90 €, which does not include the entrance free.

If the tour is booked on a date outside the museum’s opening hours, and does not include a meeting or an event for the group in the museum, there will be an extra fee of 50 € added to the price of admission and the tour. 


The maximum number of visitors for a tour led by one guide is 30 people. A group with a larger number of people can be divided between two guides. This way the tours can be held simultaneously. The price for a tour with two guides is 70 or 90 € / guide. 

Before booking a guided tour, it should be noted that the Rauma Maritime Museum building was built in 1900 and so has limited accessibility. The museum has staircases and doorsteps which may require assistance. The museum building does not have an elevator and there is no ramp in front of the main entrance. However, the museum staff is very happy to help with issues related to accessibility.